Sunday, December 26, 2010


it is so cold. icy cold. my eyes could shatter like glass, if they choose to move. a frozen, stony moment...devoid of wetness, of a promise of growth, of fertility. 

Only my heart beats. Time treading with burdened arms, determined, resolved...

can anyone stop him? can anyone choose to be angry with him? can anyone slap him and make him wait?
some lover would've wished earnestly, some mother pleadingly, some father helplessly...
to each knock, only the echo exists. the doors remain closed. 
Time treads on, without looking back.
His superiority no one questions anymore. Oh how we yield to his indifference, his insolent arrogant power!
How wait for him to look back, expect him to stay till i can be comfortable with his pace.

such death, every moment of life. 

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