Thursday, January 20, 2011


what is it that you want?
 yes love. but what does that mean? 
care. attention. 
well, granted. ok? 
no, i want something more. 
 i want love.
what exactly do you mean? 
well, love. you see. love.
that i do. i do love you. i don't have to say it all the time right? 
oh yes, of course. you don't, you shouldn't say it all the time.
then? you should know what you want. you have what you want. 
no. i want something else. 
tell me. put it in words.
i want to spend more time with you.
that we don't have.
well then, i want to spend more of myself with you. 
and want to know more of you too.
well. we have our lives for that. 
oh no. this is not what i mean.
what do you mean?
i mean i want to be loved. intensely. the way i do.
yes. thats what i want.
i can't give you that. there is only so much i can give.
but i want it from you.
where from?
where from?
this is me. 
but i can't live without you.
i dunno. 

sunset. songs. night. nightmares. sunrise. a smile. a new blossom outside the window. and another day... 

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